All students of the Levantine Institute can be provided with accommodation: a shared room with another student of the same sex or a private room (limited places).

Shared room: 280 USD/ person for the duration of the term (4 weeks).

Private room: 350 USD/ person for the duration of the term (4 weeks).

All students are hosted in the dorms of the Institute in Azmi or Sakafi, in the heart of Tripoli's vibrant district and down town, perfect environment to learn Arabic. Students will be allocated rooms at a first come first served basis.

All bills are included in the package as well as a weekly cleaning service, students will only have to pay for their food and transportation.

The deposit needs to be paid no later than two weeks ahead of the beginning of the term, otherwise the reservation will be cancelled.

The cost of living in Tripoli is about 50% cheaper than in Beirut.

Our apartments are all equipped with a Wi-Fi connection and are fully furnished, bed sheets included.

Check-in and check-out

Students will check in on specific dates of the term from 2PM to 6PM only, night and early morning check-in are not allowed. Check-out of the accommodation are on specific dates of the term at 10 AM the latest. Students may require to stay extra night(s), if there’s availability for extra nights, the cost per night for a single occupancy is 15 USD and for a shared occupancy it is 10 USD. Any request for extra night(s) must be sent by email at least 5 days ahead of time.

Early Arrivals/Late Departures

If the student wishes to stay in their accommodation earlier than the start of the term or leave their accommodation after the term has ended, then they will be charged accordingly.

If staying for more than two days, then the student will be charged for a full week.

If staying for less than two days, then the student will be charged per night. 

Weeks in between terms

Please note that the weeks in between terms are not included in the fees and will not be booked unless specified, except for students who have booked a FULL term before and after those weeks. Therefore if those weeks fall within two booked terms, the student will not be charged extra for them.

Please consult this calendar for the dates of those weeks.

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