Once you fill-up our registration form, our team will send you a MSA written placement test via e-mail (only if you studied Arabic before). The placement test will help to assess your level of Arabic and direct you towards the class and program that suit you best.

The second step of the screening process will be a Skype interview with the head of education programs who will be able to pinpoint your linguistic needs and answer any question you might have about the curriculum. You will then receive an invoice for the payment of the course (accommodation has to be paid upon arrival in cash). 

After finalizing the payment you will receive an acceptance letter stating your level according to your test results, the beginning and end dates of your term and the total amount to be paid.

The course has to be fully paid maximum 1 week before it starts. The LEVIT will not be able to secure a place in a class if the fees have not be paid, earlier the payment is completed safer it is. 

For bank and transfer details please check below :

Kindly make sure that your bank will convert the price of the course from your own currency to US Dollars before doing the transfer. LEVIT does not take financial responsibility for any banking fees related to the transfer. 

Name of Beneficiary

Sham development S.A.R.L.
Independence street
Zahrieh, Tripoli

Account number


Name of Bank

Banque Libano-Française SAL
10 Zahrieh branch - 33- Tripoli
P.O. Box 743
Tripoli, Lebanon


IBAN LB66001000000017776985002840

Reference Section

Please write to the effect of: “LEVIT payment deposit from [Student name]”