• “Le programme du Levantine Institute est original, pour l’enseignement de l’arabe littéraire ou dialectal, pour quelques mois ou une année entière. Il est devenu une « alternative attractive » pour les étudiants, mélangeant volontariat, apprentissage et immersion dans une ville « qui assume son arabité ». Les élèves des cours d’arabe sont incités à s’engager auprès des associations locales, et notamment à aider le centre de soutien.”

    Par Justine Huc-Lhuillery, Le Petit Journal

  • “Tripoli is definitely the right place to learn Arabic, where you need to practice on a daily bases just to get around. It is also a city which has been marginalized for too many years for political reasons, and the time has come to give it justice and promote it internationally."

    An Articale by Meera Shamma on

  • “The Levantine Institute of Tripoli is the only independent Arabic learning center in the northern city and the first in Lebanon to prioritize a community engagement component.”

An Article by Elizabeth Kirk on The Daily Star.

  • This is a great opportunity to learn Arabic (either classical or vernacular Lebanese) as well as help out by teaching disadvantaged Syrian refugee children, who struggle with the trilingual school system here as they lack previous exposure to English and French.


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