Immersive Summer Program

We are excited to offer a unique summer immersive program during the two month of July and August for students who are interested in learning Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) or Lebanese Arabic (LI) while immersing in the rich culture of Lebanon. This program consists of spending time in Tripoli, a historic city known for its beautiful architecture and traditional souks, and in Beirut, the vibrant capital city of Lebanon.

In addition to daily Arabic classes taught by our experienced teachers, students will also participate in weekly extracurricular activities such as guided tours, cultural events, outdoor adventures, and debate classes.

By the end of the program, students will have not only improved their language skills but also gained a unique perspective and appreciation for the dynamic Lebanese culture. Join us for an unforgettable summer experience in Lebanon!

Choose one of the following bundles for your summer program:

1. Regular group class bundle:

2 hours of group class everyday (Monday - Friday), 10 hours per week, total 40 hours per month (term).

2. Intensive group class bundle:

4 hours of group class everyday (Monday - Friday), 20 hours per week, total 80 hours per month (term).

If you choose to register for the summer program in July, you will spend the first 2 weeks in Beirut and the last 2 weeks in Tripoli.

For the summer program in August, you will spend the first 2 weeks in Tripoli and the last 2 weeks in Beirut.

Our offer for the summer program is: Book both terms July and August and get 8 hours of free private class.

Each month includes:

  • 2 weeks in Tripoli with accommodation (Single)

  • 2 weeks in Beirut (without accommodation)

  • 2 cooking classes

  • 1 dancing class

  • 1 party

  • 1 touristic trip

  • 1 hiking trip

  • Movie screening

  • Weekly debate class


Total price of the regular group class bundle is 690$.

Total price of the intensive group class bundle is 1,065$.

Email us on for more details.

Please fill out the July registration form if you wish to start the summer immersive program in July OR the August registration form if you wish to sign up for August.