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 Advanced Levantine Program


This course is tailored for anyone wishing to improve their Levantine Dialect to a higher level than C1 and is mostly designed for professional or Academics working in our region. It will enable you to:

·         Exchange and debate orally on socio-political subjects. 

·         Read and analyse complex text and articles and summarise the main ideas. 

·  Training on giving a speech in a professional manner.


The program also contains an:

 ·         Introduction to Law and International law vocabulary and concepts.

·         Introduction to accents/dialects in the Levantine region and their differences. 


This program is offered in the Regular frequency and is open for students who have completed

level C1. To test your level for free please contact us on

Courses take place every day from Monday to Thursday 12 hours a week (3 hours per day).

Price: 450$ for a 4 weeks term.

Start of the course: Term 1 Trimester 2 - 2020. Follow this link to check our Arabic courses calendar.