Arabic Course Calendar

Every Trimester at the LEVIT is divided in 2 or 3 terms. The terms at the LEVIT can be 4 weeks, 5 weeks or 6 weeks long. The Academic year starts in September and finishes in June for students enrolled in yearly programs, from Trimester 1 until the end of Trimester 3. 

Every student is free to register at the start of a new term in any program they would like, MSA (Modern Standard Arabic), Levantine Immersion or private classes. We accept all levels from total beginners to advanced students. Terms are made up of four, five or six weeks, however students may register for any number of weeks as long as they start at the beginning of the term.

Prior to registration, kindly check the course calendar. Late registration in certain cases could be accepted but not later than a week after the beginning of classes. For more information about the calendar and registration, contact us!

 Please follow this link for a detailed calendar.

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