Beirut / Tripoli Exchange

Immersive Program

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking addition to our offerings at the Levantine Institute. Introducing our brand-new immersive program that will span the entire year !

Starting from  January 2024 , this immersive experience will allow students to fully immerse themselves in the rich cultural and linguistic tapestry of both Tripoli and Beirut. Over the course of two weeks, participants will soak in the dynamic capital city of Beirut , followed by an equally enriching two weeks in the vibrant atmosphere of Tripoli . Stay tuned for more details on how you can embark on this incredible journey with us!

                Choose one of the following bundles for your Immersive program:

                1. Regular group class bundle:

                2 hours of group class per day, 10 hours per week, total 20 hours in Beirut plus 11 private lessons in Tripoli.

                2. Intensive group class bundle:

                4 hours of group class , 20 hours per week, total 40 hours in Beirut plus 22 private lessons in Tripoli.

                For the immersive program you will spend 2 weeks in Beirut and 2 weeks in Tripoli.

                Each month includes:

                • 2 weeks in Beirut of group classes * (Without accommodation)

                • 2 weeks in Tripoli of private lessons * (With single accommodation)

                • 2 cooking classes

                • Movie screening

                • Weekly debate class

                  Hiking/ touristic trips (Optional, cost not included)

                * Different options are offered to students in case there's no group class of their level.  



                Total price of the regular group class in Beirut and private lessons in Tripoli is 615$.

                Total price of the intensive group class in Beirut and private lessons in Tripoli is 990$.

                Email us on for more details.