Why Learn Arabic In Lebanon?

We chose two of the most largest cities in Lebanon:

1- Tripoli has always been an important urban center for Arab empires in the Levantine region and was already the capital of the Turkish Wilayat of Tarabluss, a prosperous city embracing the Mediterranean coast for centuries.

From the Crusader Castle of St-Gilles, to its endless souks and its islands, Tripoli's got it all. Not to mention El Mina's vibrant nightlife and pubs as well as its culinary art, Tripoli’s authenticity and dynamic atmosphere makes it the perfect choice for any international Arabic student seeking a place to study in this part of the world.

You will also appreciate the incredible architectural scenery in Tripoli. This city is known to have the second largest Mamluk heritage in the world after Cairo : It's filled with countless mosques, hammams, souks, and mansions from that era. Other advantages of choosing our Tripoli branch would be the low rent and affordable living expenses, the proximity of clean public beaches, the absence of traffic jams, the cedar mountains and last but not least, its incredibly hospitable and generous people.


2- Beirut : Known as the Paris of the Middle East, thanks to its French influences and vibrant cultural and intellectual life, Beirut exudes the same old city charm as the French capital. Well known for fine Lebanese food, it is a place where years of history have been showcased.

When visiting Beirut, you can’t miss a walk in Hamra street where you can find the most amazing cafes and shopping stores. The buzzing energy of Hamra takes you into the sleepy and somewhat indulgent Achrafieh, which is where our Institute is located. Achrafieh has a combination of grand estates and elegant new buildings representing the traditional Lebanese architecture. We also recommend visiting Sassine Square and the Sursock Palace.

Decades ago, Achrafieh was farmland for Beirut’s elite families. At one time it was the Christian area of the city. Even today, there are a number of Christian and Orthodox churches scattered throughout the neighborhood. Much of the area was devastated during the Lebanese civil war.

Lebanon’s capital Beirut is one of the best destinations you’ll find. Not many cities have a vibe quite like Beirut. Rent a car or find a group to go explore with. From paragliding to even sometimes exploring Hamra street in Beirut is enough of an adventure.