Annual Program 2019-2020

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The AP has been designed and conceptualized to provide substantial linguistic, cultural and historical skills to our student through 3 trimesters spent with the Levantine Institute. Totalizing 680 hours of classes, the AP accepts students of all levels, with complete beginners starting at the beginning of the year in September and more advanced students joining in October and December.

Objective: The aim is to help students achieve high-proficiency in Levantine Dialect and in Modern Standard Arabic (reaching B2 level at the end of the year) through a complete immersion program in the heart of the Levant, the historical city of Tripoli. While Trimester 1 will be focusing on giving the students the basic Arabic skills to interact with their direct environment, Trimester 2 and 3 will take students through a journey across Levantine language, history, politics and culture in order to provide a holistic understanding of the major socio-political developments of the Levant. At the end of the year students who attended the Annual Program will reach a working proficiency in Arabic and will be equipped with all the necessary tools to understand the Levant today, one the most complex region in the World. This program has been specifically designed for all individuals who would like to work in our region, understand its language, culture, media and modern history.

Duration: The Annual Program starts on September 9th 2019 and ends on June 6th 2020 covering 680 hours of Arabic classes. Students will follow 20 hours a week including 19 hours of group classes and 1 hour of private lesson.

Certification: At the end of the course, an achievement Diploma stating the level reached in MSA and Levantine dialect will be awarded. Each student will also receive a certificate stating the grades of the three main exams and attendance rate.

Integrated modules: Combining MSA and Levantine dialect classes during the 3 Trimesters, students will also have different modules in Modern History of the Levant, Art and culture of the Levant but also Geography and demography of our region.

Accommodation: Students are free to decide if they want to stay at LEVIT accommodation or look for their own place. For more information regarding our Accommodation please follow this link.

Volunteering: The Levantine Institute of Tripoli is by essence a social-enterprise and has a strong commitment for education of the underprivileged. The LEVIT runs an education center in Zehrieh providing pro-bono school support to tens of children. The LEVIT strongly encourages its students to participate and help running the center as an extremely beneficial way to help people in need, have an impact during their stay but also take their Arabic skills to the highest by spending quality time interacting with locals.

Price: The AP is for 4799$ for the 3 Trimesters. Students with prior knowledge of Arabic will join the program at a further date in order to avoid level discrepancies in classrooms. The number of hours will be deducted from the final price of the course in this case.

Deadline for application: 15 August 2019. Candidates for the Annual Program are invited to demonstrate their interest by a letter of motivation including their educational and professional background as well as main purpose of studying Arabic language. Please send your letter of motivation of 1 A4 sized page to