Boost Your Career In The Middle East

Want to establish a career in the Arab world? Join our Arabic For NGO Workers Program below. 

Divided Into Four Sections

Gender Based Violence

This NGO course explores the causes and consequences of gender-based violence, its impact on individuals, families, and communities, and strategies for prevention. It also covers the legal framework and its implications for victims, the prevalence of gender-based violence, power and control's role, and its psychological and physical effects. The course also offers guidance on respectful and non-judgmental support.

War Crimes


Child protection policies

The NGO course on child protection policies covers various topics, including legal frameworks, international conventions, abuse forms, and identifying signs. It emphasizes collaboration with stakeholders like government agencies, law enforcement, schools, and community organizations. Participants learn case studies, best practices, risk assessment, reporting mechanisms, and confidentiality. By the end of the course, participants have a solid understanding of child protection policies and strategies to protect vulnerable children.

The rights of Refugees and their Protection under International Law.

At the end of the course, you'll be equipped with the essential knowledge that will allow you to discuss all of the pressing topics that humanitarian organizations deal with on a daily basis. This program will tackle gender based violence, war crimes, child exploitation and so much more. 

The Program Consists of 10 Hours of Specialized Private Lessons

Taken either in Levantine Dialect or Modern Standard Arabic, when taught in Levantine Dialect, any technical words will be in Modern Standard Arabic.

 30$ / Hour → One payment of 300$

Special offer

Bring a friend and get a special offer of 20$/Hour (per student).