Levantine Immersion Program / Dialect

This course is tailored for anyone wishing to learn the Levantine Dialect and interact in the region, understand the culture, music, societies and get around with daily conversation.  The Levantine Dialect is also very close to Modern Standard Arabic and will bring student closer to Classical Arabic for further studies.

  • After hours: mostly tailored for professionals living in Tripoli.

Mondays and Wednesdays (6PM to 8.30PM) 5 hours a week (2 x 2.5 hours).

  • Regular : this program is open for Arabic students of all levels.

Courses take place everyday from Monday to Thursday 12 hours a week (4 x 3 hours) plus 1 optional hours of debate with a teacher on Fridays.

This program gives students the opportunity to help the host community (please check Community engagement section).

  • Intensive : this program is made for students wishing to improve their Arabic language skills in a limited period of time.

Courses take place everyday, 5 hours a day from Monday to Thursday and 2 hours on Friday morning plus 1 optional hours of debate with a teacher on Fridays.. 

This program will also give the opportunity to participate in the Community engagement programs helping disadvantaged children of Tripoli by providing 101 language tutorial (please check our Community engagement section).