A Few Words From Our Students


Testimony of our students in Beirut


Testimony by Kurumi Otake - One of Our Students at The Levantine Institute of Tripoli


Testimony By Hesham Zakai - Another One of Our Students At The Levantine Institute of Tripoli

Mauricio, 11 November 2022

"Fatima is a very experienced teacher. She makes every minute count. I am really glad she is teaching me Arabic."

Kerlijn, 18 August 2022

"A big thanks to Fatima. I learned a lot in only 7 days. The lessons were well structured and never too hard so it kept me motivated all through the course. "

Lisa, 26 April 2022

"Fatima was super well-prepared and clearly really cared about the lessons, both her planning and implementation. I really valued her interest, her tailoring the classes so well with a balance of speaking and real videos, her feedback and her taking time to do some revision every day, which was exactly what I needed. It was a real pleasure to learn with her, thank you so much!  "

Laura Millo, 26 November 2021

"Najla and Malak knew what we wanted to get out from the course and always tried to adapt to it and make us improve in that regard. Using the course material was not the priority; rather, the teachers managed to tailor classes to our needs, and targeted things we needed to improve. My experience in Tripoli was amazing. I met wonderful people, was able to talk to people in Arabic al the time, and that was what I was looking for in addition to intensive classes. I think it is so important for students to try to make friends with other young people from Tripoli, because that’s what can truly make a difference in their dialect. "

Chloe, 1 September, 2021

"Najla always came super well prepared to class. She's amazingly paying attention to the different levels of the students and provides us with different kinds of materials to enhance our learning. She also balanced very well writing, listening, reading and understanding skills. And she goes out of herself (extra activities and time) to make sure that students learn. She's got teaching at heart and it feels great for the students (at least for me!).

Malak is a very versed teacher and excellent when it comes to initiating conversations about advanced topics (politics, racism, etc.). Maybe a few recommendations: write a bit slower and with a more eligible handwriting, pay attention to the vocab that different students don't know and write it on the whiteboard (maybe provide vocab before the class for the students to be able to chat about the topics). 

It's very nice to be able to chat about these topics, get to use different kinds of materials (songs, texts, videos, etc.) And to get to read, write and talk! I also really appreciated to have to make a presentation which I never thought I would be able to do. Thanks a mill!"

Veronica, 1 September, 2021

"Najla is prepared very well for every class. I like how professional she is. I would definitely recommend her. She is interested in students and tries to improve them. I am very happy, that she was my teacher."

Catherine Cartier, 27 January 2018

"Just finished 3 weeks at LEVIT! Really admire the energy and idea behind the Institute. I loved living in Tripoli—the people I met were incredibly friendly and I learned so much from them about this beautiful city! There is so much more to Tripoli than what I found in my initial google searches. I felt so at peace walking through the old souks between classes. LEVIT connected us to local NGOs, and I loved teaching English at the Maan Center and MARCH! I wish I could have stayed longer. I had private classes, and the style of instruction is much more organic at LEVIT than at other places where I have studied! For the right student, this is a huge strength! I also really loved the atmosphere among students. Everyone I met was so interesting and open to talk. Lipi, the caretaker of the house, was always so helpful and genuinely kind. Though the facilities in the dorms are basic, they were livable for a few weeks (if colder than expected—pack warm if coming in winter months). Happy to talk to interested / future students! And as for my personal experience with safety in the city, I felt safe walking around during the day, and the city really quiets down at night except for a few restaurants and bars. I didn’t go out at night much perhaps as a result but when I did I was in a small group."

Barry Sadid, 17 December 2017

"I was with LEVIT for their 4 week Levantine Immersion course in December. The city is cheap, the food is good, the people generous and the architecture charming, if decayed. The culture of the institute itself is one that is open to the city, the opposite of the bubble you might find elsewhere. The students I found already there were, like the institute, deeply involved in the social life of city, their local networks formed by work, volunteering with the various voluntary projects for social good the institute has going and just being nice and chatty in general. The teaching and teachers were excellent - the levels of Arabic found in a class can be uneven, but this is offset by small class sizes of three to five people, with individual lessons always an option. I can only speak for my sense of safety as a young man, but I never felt threatened in the city, day or night. And Beirut is never more than two hours away. Highly recommended."

Karima Lemmens, 12 December 2017

"Finished 3 months Levantine dialect course in November 2017 and it was an amazing experience! Respect! Professional teachers and high quality course! Highly recommended! Whether to study Arabic for professional or personal use.

Possible to volunteer within the center or with other organizations in Tripoli which adds up to the great experience and gives you the opportunity to mingle with the locals.

Plus, great to live in this vibrant city with the souk, the different neighborhoods, the sea side and the shisha bars where everybody greets you with a smile and wants to socialize :-) what a wonderful energy this city has!

Easy to travel from Tripoli to other cities, villages, shores or mountains with the mini vans and buses.

Thank you for everything <3"

Enda Nevin, 17 August 2017

"This is a great place to learn Arabic. I was here for 5 weeks. The institute is located in the old city with the souk and shops all within a 5 minute walk. the quality of teaching is excellent and the accommodation provided is fine and right next to school. I have studied in Beirut as well and the Tripoli option is much better for those who want complete immersion. Hardly anyone speaks English. Tripoli is also safe and do not be put off by the neg reports. You also have the option to volunteer with the school to teach English to Syrian youth or with local organizations. I can not recommend this place enough."

Sonia Jgt, 26 July 2017

"I finished Levantine immersion course last term and i really liked it! i learned much faster and more than what I accomplished after multiple months in Beirut. Tripoli is a great and cheaper city to live in Lebanon and offers you a bit of everything - great food, cultural scene, many opportunities to meet locals and volunteer in local ngos. The institute is new but they are flexible and help with everything which makes life way easier! And they have excellent and qualified teachers. Thanks for a great month."