Learn Lebanese Expressions
Improve Your Levantine Arabic With These Three Lebanese Expressions

While it's true that Lebanese Arabic is similar to Modern Standard Arabic, but it does  have its own nuances and slangs that can make it difficult for a non-Arabic speaker to speak it, let alone understand it.

If you're struggling with learning the Lebanese dialect, these 3 expressions will help you sound like a native.

بخفّ الريشة

Literal translation of "as light as a feather"

This is the Lebanese equivalent of the English expression "Light as a feather".

It can be used to describe objects that are very light as well as people who are graceful or elegant.

Example :

أنا ضعفت كتير، صرت بخفّ الريشة

(ana d3efet kteer, seret b 5ef l rishe)

I lost a lot of weight, I'm as light as a feather.

الحاجة إمّ الإختراع

Literal translation of "Necessity is The Mother of Invention"

This is the Lebanese equivalent of the English expression "Necessity is the mother of invention".

It signifies that in order to invent something new, there needs to be a certain need for it. If people didn't have so much trouble traveling long distances, no one would've invented the car.

تعا كل يوم

Translates roughly to "You're welcome, anytime"

This one can be used to express gratitude.

It signifies that you're welcome to come everyday, so if you're buying from a store, the owner would say تعا كل يوم after you're done shopping.

Example :

 _ شكراً عمّو !
_ يا هلا، تعا كل يوم

(_Shukran 3ammo, _Ya hala, ta3a kel yom)

عمّو is used when speaking to an older man as a sign of respect, it's mainly used by younger people and children.

_Thank you !

_You're welcome, feel free to come everyday

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