Newsletter No.06 September 2018

Dear all,

We would like to share with you some of the most beautiful moments of the last terms at the Levantine Institute of Tripoli and our latest updates with the Maan Center.

75 Students from all over the world (as far as Japan) made it to the LEVIT and joined our programs during Summer term 1 and 2 to improve their skills in both MSA and Levantine Arabic!

The academic year is starting with more than 30 students registered in our programs today, last month in September we had 5 classes running and 23 certifications were issued at the end of the term!

This term was very important for us with the launching of the Annual Program which has just started, it is still possible to join us for the 2 last trimesters of 2019 for 2990$ only, get in touch with our team if interested! 

Hisham's testimony, click on the image right under to watch the video! 

A message from our dear student Hesham!

Involve me and I will never forget!
Learning the Arabic names of local food and cooking process is best when it is applied hands on!

Learning Arabic is not limited to the classroom!
We are doing our best to make the term at the LEVIT unforgettable, our students have the chance to visit several historical and cultural places around the country and learn some local words, sentences and traditions. While learning a language, immersion into the culture is a must to get a deeper understanding of the language. 

For the 3rd Edition of Likaat لقاءات on the 13th September 2018, we had a pleasure to host the Director Malek Rasamny who presented on “The Native and the Refugee” as well as screen some short films made during the course of the project.

On another hand. we had an Interactive Documentary presented on October 3rd. Filmed in 2015 in Cairo, “womanhood, an Egyptian Kaleidoscope” is an interactive documentary, an ABC on Gender. Presenting a kaleidoscope of 15 Egyptian women’s perspectives and personal narratives, the film works, along with the women involved, to shed light on chosen words.


As for every term, our students had the opportunity to volunteer at the Maan Center to help in teaching the unprivileged children with languages, drawing, maths, science, sports, and other topics!

38 Children from Syria are coming every day to Maan Center to get help with their homework and foreign languages!
3 Classes are opened for them, 3 full-timer staff and 11 volunteers from the LEVIT students are helping students improve their skills and knowledge!

We also started to offer a daily breakfast for all the Children at the center, thanks to the generous donation of Oeuvres d'Orient.

Last weekend we also took the children for a tour in Akkar for a day trip, they could swim, play and enjoy being a child. Our team, students and children had a great time together. 

When you register with the Levantine Institute, you also finance the Maan Center and make sure tens of children will not be dropping out of school. 

Partnership with Himaya

Himaya is a Lebanese Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to making child protection a right across Lebanon. Himaya also supports survivors of abuse and gives them the psychosocial support they need to overcome their experiences.

They will offer 2 sessions a week for both children and their parents on life skills, and social support.

This is it for today, we thank you for staying with us and we hope to see you soon at the LEVIT. For any enquiries about our programs and social projects drop us an email at

Best regards,

LEVIT's team

Mira's Guided Tours!

Discover Lebanon in an alternative way with Mira's Guided Tours!

Mira, who is a guide from Tripoli, decided to create fun and informative guided tours led through the eyes of specialized certified guides passionate and knowledgeable about specific areas in Lebanon.

Newsletter No.05 - April May 2018

Hello everyone!
Here are the latest LEVIT updates:


1.  We have launched Likaât, a cycle of conferences with a monthly thematic. 
2.  Movie projections continue every Tuesday, the perfect way to improve arabic!
3. The Maan Center is still active, offering our students the opportunity to engage with the community while reinforcing their Arabic.

Fatima and her students visiting the souks of Tripoli!

"I spent two months, studying and living at the institute, and it was absolutely incredible. The amount care and love that goes into running this place was inspiring. Each semester felt like a family by the end, and I really felt myself learning every day. The founders of the institute were hands-on, attentive, and just a genuinely good group of people. I'm so happy that I chose to study with the institute, for me it was really the perfect choice: great balance between quality teaching, good fun, and cultural immersion. I could have asked for much more, except ill be going back for more of the same as soon as I can!" Harry Menzies - student at the LEVIT in February and March 2018



Likaât, 1st edition of the LEVIT monthly talks
"The new Lebanese electoral law, potentials and hiccups"


The LEVIT has set up its very first lecture. The subject was the new electoral law, voted on June 16, 2017. This law, which has been under negotiation for decades, was officially made to fight sectarianism and feudalism. We were very pleased to welcome Mohamad KALAMOUNI, delegate of LADE, and Haniya LAAESH, lawyer, to help us better understand better the Lebanese electoral system.

The talk was followed by the projection of Very Big Shot, a Lebanese movie directed by Mir-Jean Bou Chaya that portrays how corruption, criminal activity and politics are intertwined in Lebanon. LEVIT students loved it!

Likaât, 2nd edition of the LEVIT monthly talks
"Palestinian refugee camps: the collective memory of the Nakba"

To start our 2nd edition of Likaât, we were very pleased to welcome Dr Kamel Doraï, Research Director of Contemporary Studies department at IFPO (French Institute of the Near East) in Beirut. Dr Kamel Dorai made a presentation of the socio-political dynamics of Palestinian camps in Lebanon and the importance of the Nakba commemoration. Following the presentation, we screened the movie-documentary "The Land Speaks Arabic" by Maryse Gargour. 

Likaât, 3rd edition of the LEVIT monthly talks  
"Black-Palestinian solidarity: history of a convergent struggle"

On Tuesday 22nd, we were very happy to have a discussion with Mr Kristian Davis Bailey, journalist, activist and founder of Black 4 Palestine. He went over the connexions and mutual identifications between Palestinians and Black-Americans in their struggles against colonialism and neocolonialism. 


"Bibus", the Goethe-Institut Lebanon's mobile library

We are very happy to launch a new partnership with the Goethe Institute - Lebanon! The BibBus visited the Maan center and the children had the opportunity to discover more than 2,500 books and games. During storytelling workshops, children learned about interactive listening and will be encouraged to tell their own stories. Additionally, the BibBus hosts special activities and workshops that foster self-expression through various art-therapeutic approaches, such as film making, drawing, and graffiti.



In January our students lent a helping hand with the Maan Center in Zehrieh, providing underprivileged children with language tutorials. Here is the feedback of Matthieu, french volunteer:

''We study French with the kids four times a week, for a couple of hours at a time. The work atmosphere is definitely one in a million! We get to spend as much time giving regular classes as we do sitting with one or two of them, doing tailored activities and games. For regular French lessons, we split them up in two to three groups based on their age (which ranges from roughly 6 to 13) and level in French. We prepare our own classes beforehand in relation to their school curriculum and always work alongside another Lebanese/Arabic-speaking teacher, which helps to bring down the linguistic barrier and makes us feel more at ease in class.

We have periodic games and activities to help the children let off steam every week: dancing, pantomime, pictionary etc… This is still a nascent and energetic project, which means that it grows and evolves constantly: any new addition to the team is welcome, as are your ideas as far as the volunteers are concerned, it goes without saying that we all learn a great deal from working with these (not-so-)little devils!''

Want to discover Tripoli ?

We just launched a Facebook album dedicated to photos taken by our students! Check it out

Thank you for following the Levantine Institute of Tripoli's updates. For any questions about our activities and programs, please contact us at :

Best, from Tripoli

The LEVIT team

Newsletter No.04 - January 2018

It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that we are entering 2018. Last year was an excellent beginning for the LEVIT with a total of 89 students joining our Arabic programs from May to December!  

Some major developments happened the past 3 months:

  1. We moved the classrooms to the other side of the building, expanding accommodation capacity. 
  2. In collaboration with a local organization, we relocated the learning center for children one block away from the institute. 
  3. Our team expanded with 3 new teachers! 
  4. We were selected by the United Nations program Entrepreneur 4 Social Change (E4SC) and participated in a 10 day training in Turin. 
  5. In collaboration with Utopia, a local NGO, and Mercy Corps Lebanon, LEVIT started a program to raise awareness among Tripoli's new generation informing them about recycling and waste management. 

More details below! 

Barry Sadid - December student at the LEVIT
"I was with LEVIT for their 4 week Levantine Immersion course in December. The city is cheap, the food is good, the people generous and the architecture charming, if decayed. The culture of the institute itself is one that is open to the city, the opposite of the bubble you might find elsewhere. The students I found already there were, like the institute, deeply involved in the social life of city, their local networks formed by work, volunteering with the various voluntary projects for social good the institute has going and just being nice and chatty in general. The teaching and teachers were excellent - the levels of Arabic found in a class can be uneven, but this is offset by small class sizes of three to five people, with individual lessons always an option. I can only speak for my sense of safety as a young man, but I never felt threatened in the city, day or night. And Beirut is never more than two hours away. Highly recommended."

Arabic lessons at the LEVIT

Arabic classes have had a constant pace, with motivated groups of students attending our Levantine Immersion program at beginners and intermediate levels, as well as MSA classes. This month we have included more comprehension exercises based on Lebanese movies, famous TV series, and comedy shows as students explicitly requested wanting to engage more with popular Lebanese media. Our teachers organized listening and comprehension activities, as well as preparing presentations on a variety of topics in order to test and push their speaking and communication abilities.
Beyond the classroom, teaching activities have included various trips to some of Tripoli’s most renown spots, like the old vegetable and clothes souks, and  the XV century Mameluke soap Khan.

Maan center relocated

The Maan Centre has been going through some structural changes in the last few months, as the premises of the Centre were moved from the Institute’s building to a new location, one street away, still in the same neighbourhood of Zehrieh. Arabic, French and English classes for Syrian children grade 3 to 6,  have been taking place at a normal pace despite the disruption caused by the transfer. Around 60 children are registered at the Maan center and 20% of LEVIT's benefits is invested into this project. 
Other students have been very active with the local NGOs providing English lessons, with "March" in the Beb Al Tebbeneh neighbourhood or with "Seeds" in Mina giving french lessons to Syrian refugees. 

Help the Maan Center

E4SC Turin November 2017


Selected out of hundreds of social entreprises, the LEVIT got the chance to take part of a 10 day training in Torino, Italy in November 2017. Along with 24 other participants, we gained visibility and a solid network from this experience. Huge thanks to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the Fondazione CRT for making this program an excellent opportunity for young entrepreneurs to build solid basis for growth.  
Check one of our video here! 

Turning a dump site into an awareness green space for recycling 

Tripoli has major waste management issues and certain habits need to be changed. As for any change in societies, it has to come from the new generation. 
In partnership with Mercy Corps Lebanon and Utopia, we rehabilitated a dump site located right under our building and turned it into a green space for awareness sessions. The main objective is to make sure new generations are aware of the danger of pollution and bad habits such as throwing everything in the garbage without sorting. We will be welcoming classes all along the year hoping to make a change for the times to come. 
We also brought 4 containers and will start collecting plastic, paper, metal and glass in the coming weeks and send it to a sorting and packaging facility in the Koura region.   

This is it for 2017!
Keep an eye on the Institute’s course calendar if interested in joining or returning to the Institute for a period of study in 2018. Don't hesitate to contact us for any information.
And keep on following us through our Facebook page!

We seize the opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year!

Miras Guided Tours!

Discover Lebanon in an alternative way with Miras Guided Tours!

Mira is special touristic guide who gives a more personal insight to the history of the country as well as seeing the most beautiful parts of Lebanon.

Newsletter No.O3 - September 2017

With the clouds pouring in, its safe to say that summer is officially over! However, with the upcoming news, it will brighten up your day, so let's get to it!

Its been an eventful few weeks filled with arabic lessons, teaching english, cooking classes, eating amazing food, walking around the old souks and finally going on some breathtaking day/ weekend trips around the country!

You can say its been a busy month!

Arabic lessons at the LEVIT! 

Theres nothing better than learning arabic in an arabic country, it really gives the opportunity to develop and challenge yourself to become a better speaker and listener.

With the classes and the incredible help of the teachers, they make you feel at home and make it easier for you to integrate the Arabic language on a daily basis.

'The teaching skills are very useful to integrate into the Arabic environment and really challenges you to adapt to the surroundings and learn the language as best as possible.' - Samir

Cooking with Kawthar!

Theres nothing better than eating some home food away from home, thats why every Monday and Wednesday, we have a special Syrian cook who cooks nearly anything you would like! 

Dishes this month varied from;
Bamya, Baba Ghanoush, Taboula, Rice with Vegetables and a very nice lebanese dish called Mjadarra!

So you'll pleased to know theres a lot more to offer from our specialist cook!

Its also nice to have the opportunity to learn how to cook or even go on a foodie venture with Kawthar to see what ingredients she buys for each individual dish!

Volunteering at the Maan Center!

The Maan Center is located within the LEVIT and provides an excellent opportunity to teach Syrian/ Lebanese kids English or French. The classes are open throughout the year, including summer, to provide students the best education extra curricular activites

The Maan Center now hosts up to 60 students per day between the ages 6-12 and aims to maximise the students opportunities in the future. The Maan center is also completely self funded by the institute and are collaborating with NGO's to improve the quality of the courses by bringing in more teachers to accommodate for all level of students.

Help the Maan Center

Trips in Lebanon!

Although Tripoli may seem far up North, it's easier than it seems to travel across the country and visit all the touristic sights and more!

The farthest travelled is to Sour which is the furthest city away from Tripoli and only takes a mere 3 hour to get there by coach.

There are also places to visit in Tripoli such as Palm Island, the souks and the Citadel!

Every weekend, the institute helped out to organise trips across the country. The first weekend, the students travelled to Sour and Saida - there you will find a beautiful beach and authentic souks.

The second week the students travelled to Bsharri, high up in the mountains, where they visited Al-Arz (Cedar woods)  and went on a four hour hike in Qadisha Valley.

For the final full weekend the students went on day trips to Byblos (oldest city in Lebanon and one of the oldest inhabitants of the world), Baalbeck (to see the old majestic roman ruins), Batroun (for the beach) and finally, Tannourine (for one final hike). 

Miras Guided Tours!

Discover Lebanon in an alternative way with Miras Guided Tours!

Mira is special touristic guide who gives a more personal insight to the history of the country as well as seeing the most beautiful parts of Lebanon.

Newsletter No.01 - July 2017

Summer is now in full swing in Tripoli. The first Summer Term just finished and the second is about to start. Let's have a look to what happened during the last four weeks at the LEVIT.

A term at the Levantine Institute of Tripoli is full of events and activities. From the Syrian Cooking Classes to volunteering and the trips to different amazing locations in Lebanon, our students have plenty of opportunities to enjoy Lebanon and practice the language as well outside the class. 

An amazing location

The Levantine Institute is located in the neighborhood of Zeherie, in the central part of the city of Tripoli. Both the teaching activities and the student residence are hosted in the same building, a beautiful Ottoman palace, whose terrace is definitely the best place where to chill after a day of lessons and activities.

Trip to Baalbek

On 16 July the Levit organised a trip to Baalbek. Sophie from the LEVIT Team led a group of students to visit the amazing Roman ruins, the beautiful shrine of Sayyda Khawla and the rest of this fascinating city located at the heart of the Beqaa Valley.

Volunteering at the Maan Center

Hosted in the same building of the Institute, the Maan Center provides education to Syrian children excluded from the Lebanese Education system. Students from the LEVIT are volunteering as tutors for the children, while also starting a course of English Language that takes place twice a week.


Syrian Cooking Classes

Every Monday and Wednesday it is possible to join a Cooking class led by an amazing Syrian lady. It is a great opportunity to both learn how to cook delicious homemade food and to keep practicing the language!

Newsletter No.02 - August 2017

Summer is almost over, time for you to discover the latest news about August's term at the LEVIT !

Learning Arabic at the LEVIT

The quality of teaching and the knowledge acquired during classes, added to the immersive atmosphere of the center and the city helped our students achieve great progress in Arabic.

"This is a great place to learn Arabic. The quality of teaching is excellent and the Tripoli option is much better for those who want complete immersion." Enda

Discovering the secrets of Tripoli

Tripoli is the second greatest Mamelouk heritage in the world.
Our students had the magical opportunity to visit the city with guides from the local NGO Utopia. Now the souks, the Great Mansouri Mosque, the Citadel and the Old Baths have no secrets for them !

Activities for the students with the LEVIT


This month our students had the chance to discover Lebanon and the Levant through local activities : some went hiking to indulge in the beauty of Lebanese nature. Others, At the institute, gathered for cooking classes and lunches prepared by our very special cook Kawthar.

Volunteering at the Maan Center

Located in the same building as the Institute, the Maan Center provides education support to Lebanese and Syrian children of our neighborhood.
LEVIT students got strongly involved in French and English support classes. 

Why study Arabic in Tripoli ?

 Tripoli (Trablos), 85 kilometers north of Beirut, has a special character all its own. Thanks to its historical wealth, relaxed lifestyle and thriving business climate, this is a city where modern and medieval  blend easily into a lively and hospitable metropolis. Known as the capital of the North, Tripoli is Lebanon’s second largest city.

We believe that the most important part if someone wants to learn a language is the environment. Lebanon is often describe as a multicultural, westernized country where learning Arabic is almost impossible as the Lebanese all speak  French, English perfectly. This image of our country reduces Lebanon to Beirut however other cities and region are completely different from this stereotype. Tripoli offers a singular, oriental and vibrant atmosphere for international students in need of an immersive experience to learn Arabic in Lebanon. 

You will be amazed by cultural and historical heritage of Tripoli. Learn Arabic in this city is definitely the right choice where you can focus entirely on your studies and interact, practice as much as possible with your direct environment.