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Newsletter No.04 - January 2018

It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that we are entering 2018. Last year was an excellent beginning for the LEVIT with a total of 89 students joining our Arabic programs from May to December!  

Some major developments happened the past 3 months:

  1. We moved the classrooms to the other side of the building, expanding accommodation capacity. 
  2. In collaboration with a local organization, we relocated the learning center for children one block away from the institute. 
  3. Our team expanded with 3 new teachers! 
  4. We were selected by the United Nations program Entrepreneur 4 Social Change (E4SC) and participated in a 10 day training in Turin. 
  5. In collaboration with Utopia, a local NGO, and Mercy Corps Lebanon, LEVIT started a program to raise awareness among Tripoli's new generation informing them about recycling and waste management. 

More details below! 

Barry Sadid - December student at the LEVIT
"I was with LEVIT for their 4 week Levantine Immersion course in December. The city is cheap, the food is good, the people generous and the architecture charming, if decayed. The culture of the institute itself is one that is open to the city, the opposite of the bubble you might find elsewhere. The students I found already there were, like the institute, deeply involved in the social life of city, their local networks formed by work, volunteering with the various voluntary projects for social good the institute has going and just being nice and chatty in general. The teaching and teachers were excellent - the levels of Arabic found in a class can be uneven, but this is offset by small class sizes of three to five people, with individual lessons always an option. I can only speak for my sense of safety as a young man, but I never felt threatened in the city, day or night. And Beirut is never more than two hours away. Highly recommended."

Arabic lessons at the LEVIT

Arabic classes have had a constant pace, with motivated groups of students attending our Levantine Immersion program at beginners and intermediate levels, as well as MSA classes. This month we have included more comprehension exercises based on Lebanese movies, famous TV series, and comedy shows as students explicitly requested wanting to engage more with popular Lebanese media. Our teachers organized listening and comprehension activities, as well as preparing presentations on a variety of topics in order to test and push their speaking and communication abilities.
Beyond the classroom, teaching activities have included various trips to some of Tripoli’s most renown spots, like the old vegetable and clothes souks, and  the XV century Mameluke soap Khan.

Maan center relocated

The Maan Centre has been going through some structural changes in the last few months, as the premises of the Centre were moved from the Institute’s building to a new location, one street away, still in the same neighbourhood of Zehrieh. Arabic, French and English classes for Syrian children grade 3 to 6,  have been taking place at a normal pace despite the disruption caused by the transfer. Around 60 children are registered at the Maan center and 20% of LEVIT's benefits is invested into this project. 
Other students have been very active with the local NGOs providing English lessons, with "March" in the Beb Al Tebbeneh neighbourhood or with "Seeds" in Mina giving french lessons to Syrian refugees. 

Help the Maan Center

E4SC Turin November 2017


Selected out of hundreds of social entreprises, the LEVIT got the chance to take part of a 10 day training in Torino, Italy in November 2017. Along with 24 other participants, we gained visibility and a solid network from this experience. Huge thanks to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the Fondazione CRT for making this program an excellent opportunity for young entrepreneurs to build solid basis for growth.  
Check one of our video here! 

Turning a dump site into an awareness green space for recycling 

Tripoli has major waste management issues and certain habits need to be changed. As for any change in societies, it has to come from the new generation. 
In partnership with Mercy Corps Lebanon and Utopia, we rehabilitated a dump site located right under our building and turned it into a green space for awareness sessions. The main objective is to make sure new generations are aware of the danger of pollution and bad habits such as throwing everything in the garbage without sorting. We will be welcoming classes all along the year hoping to make a change for the times to come. 
We also brought 4 containers and will start collecting plastic, paper, metal and glass in the coming weeks and send it to a sorting and packaging facility in the Koura region.   

This is it for 2017!
Keep an eye on the Institute’s course calendar if interested in joining or returning to the Institute for a period of study in 2018. Don't hesitate to contact us for any information.
And keep on following us through our Facebook page!

We seize the opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year!

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